With its new #SiempreMedioLlena campaign the Spanish wine industry is encouraging people to stay positive

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How we view life has a direct influence on how we deal with problems. "Change your thoughts and you change your world," said Norman Vincent, the American author who created the theory of positive thinking. In line with this philosophy, the Spanish Wine Board (OIVE) has launched a campaign under the #SiempreMedioLlena (glass always half full) hashtag which encourages people to look on the bright side of life and make the most of any situation they face.

In short, this initiative invites people to celebrate the small wins and focus on all the good things in life. In this time of "the new normal”, the #SempreMedioLlena hashtag reflects society's desire to find and share those positive experiences that make us happy; because now is the time to celebrate every dream and every small win that help us to face what may lie ahead with optimism and hope. And what better way to do it than with wine?

The campaign, which has been developed by the DILUVIA agency, kicked off on 24 June with a video entitled "47 million". The audiovisual piece can be viewed on the www.mejorconvino.com website, on the Spanish Wine Board’s (OIVE) social media and various other digital media.  

The Spanish wine industry supports the hospitality industry

Conscious of the fact that this "new normal" is a critical time for the Spanish hospitality community, the Spanish Wine Board has launched a series of initiatives to support the industry.

25 June saw the start of the #QuieroBrindarPorMiCumpl (I want to toast my birthday) consumer campaign, an activation aimed at those who had a birthday during the lockdown, almost none of whom were able to celebrate the event properly. Consumers will have the chance of winning one of the 1,000 prizes of 100 euros to spend with their friends at their favourite bar, celebrating their birthday with some wine as a symbol of that reunion.

For current and future members of the hospitality industry, the Spanish Wine Board has provided a series of free on-line training courses. Due to the positive reception they received during lockdown, it will be continuing these courses over the next few months and introducing new topics. The aim of these courses is to provide added value in the resurgence of the hospitality industry.

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