Keller Riesling Kirchspiel Grosses Gewachs 2009

When we talk about the world’s great white wines... naturally, Germany and its Rieslings cannot be excluded. This particular example comes from the Rheinhessen region, from one of the most characterful and expressive plots in the whole country, produced by the great Peter Klaus Keller. Kirchspiel is a classified vineyard like Grosses Gewächs, roughly the equivalent of grand cru in France, i.e. an exceptional parcel made up of old vines, those which have witnessed and survived the passing of generations, every one of its grapes bursting with experience and feeling.

For me, more than a wine, this is... a landscape in a bottle claiming an identity, a landscape expressing the cold climate of central-west Germany, where this variety is part of a history, culture and tradition at its most emotive. The Riesling grape can thrive in many parts of the globe, but its home, climate and soils are in Germany, and it is the producers here who know how to uncover its true excellence, taking it to the very limits of expression. Wine with that speaks to the intangible side of our lives, the part which cannot be touched but can be felt, which is capable of exciting our emotions.

Riesling in its purity, demonstrating its most profound and powerful side; already with real depth and acidity whispering to us that this wine will mature and last, leading to a unique, once-in-a-lifetime expression. Signature stone fruit and floral notes, together with the soft hydrocarbon caresses that this grape develops in the bottle over time, show the complexity of a work of art...

A wine where the soil speaks, telling the hidden story behind this bottle; a story that is one of the sacrifice, passion and love of this producer for perhaps his favourite plot of land. Let the story hidden behind this label be told and shared. Quite simply, this is LIQUID EMOTION.

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