Familia Torres puts the consequences of climate change on the Christmas table.

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The winery warns that some foods could disappear if urgent action is not taken.

Familia Torres warns about the possible disappearance and alteration of some everyday foods of great gastronomic value due to climate change and overexploitation, and calls for action. Foods such as honey, rice, chocolate, tomatoes, seafood (tuna, mussels, anchovies), olive oil or grapes and wine could no longer get to our tables if no action is taken to prevent it.

The winery launches this warning through a digital awareness campaign, in which it exposes the vulnerability of some foods consumed at this time of year, based on scientific articles. Rising land and sea temperatures and more extreme weather events pose a serious threat to certain foods, as do intensive agricultural practices, irresponsible fishing, depletion of water resources and soil degradation.

Familia Torres focuses on the transformative potential of personal choices. For this reason, it encourages consumers to lead a more sustainable life and to opt for products that are also sustainable, so that the joint effort can reverse the situation.

Committed to caring for the land and the future of wine, Familia Torres has changed its way of working towards more sustainable vineyards and wineries, involving the entire value chain, with the aim of becoming a net-zero emissions winery by 2040 and leading the decarbonisation of the wine sector through associations such as the International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA).

This effort to adapt to the new climate scenario and mitigate its consequences is crystallized in the Torres & Earth climate action plan, promoted by Miguel A. Torres in 2008, who has recently been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in the fight against climate change by Time magazine.

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