Triumphant Showcase at Decanter Wines of the Year 2023: Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia Secures Top Honors Across Global Wine Rankings.

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Juvé & Camps, the Spanish traditional sparkling wine winery, continues its stellar performance on the international stage with Reserva de la Familia 2018. A triumphant sweep by securing prestigious titles such as one of the “Decanter Wines of the Year” in the UK, followed by top accolades in Weinwirtschaft, the recognised German publication belonging to the Meininger group, and acknowledgment as one of the 50 best wines globally by the north american Wine Spectator.

As pioneers and leader in the production of Spanish Gran Reserva Brut Nature sparkling wines, Juvé & Camps has become synonymous with excellence in crafting quality wines. Boasting 271 hectares of 100% organic vineyard since 2015, this centenary family house has consistently set the standard for sustainable viticulture, contributing to its recognition as one of the most distinguished producers of sparkling wines worldwide.

At the forefront of this successful and organic winery is the celebrated Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia, a Gran Reserva Brut Nature which recently got on the “Decanter Wines of the Year 2023” list. The achievement, coupled with top honors in the German publication Weinwirtschaft and acknowledgment by the esteemed Wine Spectator, exemplifies and cements the global recognition of this traditional Spanish winery as a producer of exceptional sparkling wines.

In the aftermath of the event, the expert panel at Decanter, following a meticulous blind tasting led by renowned judges, bestowed Reserva de la Familia 2018 with the honor of being one of the "Decanter Wines of the Year 2023", a recognition that further solidifies Reserva de la Familia as the standout sparkling wine in a list of over 100 references.

Reserva de la Familia emerges one from only two sparkling wines —and the highest-rated one—among the 8 Spanish wines on the list, showcasing its international eminence. This success, coupled with the first position in the category of "Traditional Sparkling Wines from Spain" in the German publication Weinwirtschaft, exemplifies the global recognition of this family estate as a producer of exceptional wines.

The German publication, highlighting the resilience and stability of sparkling wine in the face of challenges, underscores the century-old winery’ reputation for producing top- quality cava, highly revered among consumers. Reserva de la Familia Gran Reserva Brut Nature, represented in the German market by Smart Wines, continues to be the best Spanish traditional sparkling wine, reinforcing its position in the global market.

Juvé & Camps, currently directed by Meritxell Juvé, fourth generation of a century-old family legacy, concludes 2023 with a triumphant showcase at the international market; Reserva de la Familia stands tall as the benchmark sparkling wine of the house, celebrated for its exceptional quality; and the family-owned company, known for its dedication to quality and sustainable viticulture, with all its 271 hectares certified as organic since 2015, remains a shining star with cuvées that express a sense of terroir, place, and authenticity.

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