Recaredo achieves 100-point score from Robert Parker Wine Advocate

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The family of grape growers and winemakers has become the first winery in Spain to achieve this score for a sparkling wine, Enoteca Turó d’en Mota 2001 de Recaredo. The Enoteca Turó d’en Mota collection was conceived in the context of Recaredo’s celebration of the twenty-fifth vintage from the iconic Turó d’en Mota vineyard, released in October 2023. Recaredo is celebrating one hundred years of history in the world of quality sparkling wines.

Recaredo, a family of grape growers and makers of quality sparkling wines and one of the twelve wineries that make up the Corpinnat collective brand, has become the first sparkling wine producer in Spain to be awarded 100 points by the prestigious publication Robert Parker Wine Advocate with its 2001 Recaredo Turó d’en Mota. This corpinnat, which will be released in the coming months, is also the first sparkling wine in all of Spain to obtain this score, which until now had only been achieved by nine Champagne houses: Salon, Bollinger, Louis Roederer, Krug, Jacques Selosse, Ulysse Collin, Cédric Bouchard, Egly-Ouriet and Philipponnat.

The Enoteca Turó d’en Mota de Recaredo collection was presented in October 2023 as part of the winery’s celebration of the twenty-fifth vintage from the Turó d’en Mota vineyard, an iconic plot in the panorama of Catalan viticulture. According to Ton Mata, a member of the third generation of the family, the first vintage of Turó d’en Mota de Recaredo was “the result of a fierce non-conformism” and the conviction that the sparkling wines of the Penedès could aspire to be “first-class sparkling wines that showcased the distinctive characteristics of the region in an unapologetic way”.

Enoteca Turó d’en Mota 2001 de Recaredo will be released soon in a limited edition of 150 bottles, all numbered, after being aged in the bottle for 264 months (22 years). For the Recaredo family, these limited-edition collections embody a passion for terroir craftsmanship and the ability to preserve an unshakable identity, forged through rigorous methods, hard work and patient passion.

Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s official taster in Spain, says: ‘For me, Enoteca Turó d’en Mota 2001 is Spain’s best sparkling wine. On the nose, it’s complex and subtle, with abundant aromas in which the prolonged contact with the lees is evident. It also has very fine bubbles, which lend it texture and freshness, and incredible complexity and elegance. Really impressive! Bravo!’

Turó d’en Mota 2010 de Recaredo scores 98 points

Turó d’en Mota de Recaredo 2010, a corpinnat that has just been released, was awarded 98 points by taster Luis Gutiérrez, the highest score to date for a vintage of Turó d’en Mota that is not part of an enoteca collection. Of this sparkling wine, he says, ‘Having tasted the 25 vintages of Turó d’en Mota, this is one of my favourites’. Gutiérrez describes it as ‘a very balanced, subtle and elegant wine, with very small, well-integrated bubbles’. 

Robert Parker Wine Advocate has also awarded excellent scores to other vintages of Recaredo’s Turó d’en Mota, including Enoteca Turó d’en Mota 2004 (97–99 points), Turó d’en Mota 2008 (97 points), Enoteca Turó d’en Mota 1999 (97 points) and Turó d’en Mota 2009 (96 points).

Recaredo celebrates 100 years of history in the world of quality sparkling wines

In 1924, Josep Mata Capellades, Recaredo’s founder, took his first steps in the world of quality sparkling wines as an apprentice disgorger and bottle stirrer in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the village where he was born. He left behind the family tradition of making ceramics in the kiln where Recaredo’s cellars are now, and embarked on a new venture that has captivated three generations of the family to this day. This was the beginning of an exciting story of entrepreneurship, forged through hard work and great charisma, that would make Josep Mata a trailblazer in the nascent sparkling wine industry.

Since the 1960s, together with their sons, Josep and Antoni Mata Casanovas, have consolidated Recaredo’s reputation as a byword for rigour, quality and, above all, a passion for excellence. They came up with what were bold new ideas at the time, such as exploring long ageing in the bottle. At the same time, out of respect and admiration for terroir wines, they steered the winery towards the production of sparkling wines that could express the essence of unique plots and estates. From the 1990s on, members of the third generation of the family began to work in the winery, setting in motion an enriching process in which the experience and know-how of the older generation was complemented by the younger generation’s new ideas and drive to move forward and learn.

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