Mundis Vini 2018 Summer Tasting. GOLD MEDAL FOR Oloroso Marqués de Poley. GRAND GOLD MEDAL FOR Palo Cortado Marqués de Poley 1964.

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The Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI SOMMER TASTING 2018 awards with a Gold medal to the Oloroso Marqués de Poley and with a Grand Gold medal to the Palo Cortado Marqués de Poley 1964 Selección.

The contest, created and organized by the German academy MUNDUS VINI GmbH is an international event where wines from all wine regions over the world are well-received. The main purpose of the event is to approach professionals to customers, as well as to improve quality and commercialization of wines. This competition has become one of the most acknowledged from the sector, thanks to the wine tasters professionality. It has also become a referent to buyers, experts, journalists and influencers who have a close bond with the wine world.
In this Summer Wine Tasting 2018, the jury, formed by 175 experts with 40 different nationalities, tasted, examined and valued 4311 wines from all over the world.

The Gold Medal winner Oloroso Marqués de Poley and the Grand Gold winner, Palo Cortado Marqués de Poley Selección 1964 are both traditional wine types from Andalusia, really well-known among fortified wine experts.

The Grand Gold Medal prize is always given to the best wines presented in competition. This Palo Cortado is the first one that the enologist from Toro Albalá, the alchemist Antonio Sánchez, has decided to bottle at the end of the last year 2017. This wine figure always favours for a long and accurate barrel ageing of his wines, which allows them to acquire a unique personality at the end of their lives in casks. This wine is elegant, with subtle aromas and unforgettable for those who have had the privilege of taste it.  

Only the best valued received the Gold Medal. The Oloroso reveals the know-how of these special wines in Montilla-Moriles region, where they are produced of Pedro Ximenez Grapes. The Olorosos from Toro Albalá age in the winery backyard, outside.

Thanks to their exceptional quality, these wines will have the privilege of being shown at the international wine fair Prowein, which it is going to be celebrated in Düsseldorf between days 17th and 20th March 2019, where, the attendants will have the chance to taste the wines.

Toro Albalá is already well recognized in Germany, one of the most important international clients of the winery. At the head of the Department, Antonio Sorgato, responsible for Toro Albalá international markets. This year the department counts on a new colleague, Claudia Asencio, German translator, as Export Manager. 

The medals obtained are a sign of gratitude to the great effort of the winemaker Antonio Sanchez, an expert at the elaboration of signature and personal wines, as remain on this two awarded wine treasures.

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