Five family companies reach short list for €100,000 PFV prize

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The Primum Familiae Vini, composed of twelve leading European wine producers, have nominated five remarkable family companies to the Short List for the €100,000 'Family is Sustainability' Prize of 2022. In February, the twelve PFV families will meet to select the winner of the €100,000 PFV Prize from these five and their decision will be announced in March 2022.

Priscilla Incisa of Tenuta san Guido and PFV President, said: 'We had a wonderful selection of independent family companies applying for the 2022 prize and were able to select five that stood out for having successfully guided their family projects through multiple generations while remaining focused on excellence and positive values,  something that we in the PFV wish to encourage.'

The PFV shortlist 2022

BRUN DE VIAN-TIRAN - FRANCE: An eight-generation family business manufacturing fine cloth in L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Provence, since 1808 and currently managed by father and son Pierre and Jean-Louis Brun. They use traditional production methods and are noted for working with local shepherds to encourage them to use historic breeds of sheep and to revive the French woollen industry. The family also work with Mongolian herders in the Gobi Desert to discourage over-pasturing and to add value to their camel wool.

TSUTSUMI - JAPAN: A four-generation family business founded in 1909 in Kyoto that is fighting to revive the ancient Japanese tradition of lacquer use for tableware and artwork. The family has innovated by creating a UV-resistant lacquer from the urushi tree and Takauya Tsutsumi of the current generation, has worked with a renowned Australian surfboard maker to create elegant lacquer-coated wooden surfboards like those used by ancient Hawaiians. Projects such as this challenge accepted norms and the throw-away culture of plastics. Their lacquer has been used to restore important national shrines such as Nikko Toshogu.

COLUMBIA RESTAURANT - USA: A five-generation family business founded in 1903 by Cuban immigrants to feed workers in the hundreds of nearby cigar factories. The family reflect the best of the American dream with new arrivals working from nothing to create a successful legacy. They own Florida's oldest restaurant and the 10th oldest in the USA still owned by the founding family, and now have six other Columbia locations plus five other restaurant brands. Multiple family members continue to work in the business, and they have a strong tradition of supporting local charities

GIULIO GIANNINI E FIGLIO – ITALY: A bookbinding and hand decorated paper business founded in the Piazza Pitti, Florence, in 1856 who remain in their original location and shop. This family company is currently headed by Guido Giannini and 6th generation Maria Giannini. They continue to decorate fine leather and parchment and the family were instrumental in creating the famous Florentine style in the 19th century. They have created a digital archive to reflect their centuries of work and to inspire new collections and applications in other sectors. The survival of such artisans for over 165 years is a testament to family craftsmanship.

BUSATTI – ITALY: in 1842 the Busatti family took back their Palazzo Morgalanti in the village of Anghiari in Tuscany which had been occupied by Napoleon's troops and used by them to make uniforms for the French army. The family decided to continue making textiles and have done so for 8 generations and are now the producers of some of Italy's finest fabrics. The family are highly environmentally conscious and have started to use seaweed to make fabric as other materials require huge quantities of water in the production process, and they are strong supporters of their local community.


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