DO Cava focuses on origin and ensuring compliance with existing quality standards for the harvest within the context of the pandemic.

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This harvest important measures have once again been implemented to further verify compliance with regulations and ensure the quality of DO CAVA. During this harvest, as with the previous year, a powerful team of verifiers has been set up, involving over 90 people. This effort guarantees the reliability, origin, and traceability of the product right from the vineyard. DO CAVA President, Javier Pagés stated that the commitment to thoroughness and control is “to ensure the maximum guarantee for the consumer”. The quality control measures adopted by the DO CAVA add to the already strict measures applied to the most prestigious designations of origin in the world.

The more than 90 verifiers have been specially trained and will work 40 hours a week on a schedule that will depend on the vineyard and the needs of the winery they are assigned to. The DO CAVA verifiers are fully trained, using a mix of in-person and online training to suit the modern world we live in. The training includes information and details of how to apply the protocols and safety measures necessary to adapt to COVID-19.

The days start early when the kilos of grapes are weighed before being pressed. Their provenance and origins are recorded, and they are analysed according to quality parameters such as vine productivity, likely alcohol content and levels of gluconic acid, to ensure the grapes comply with DO CAVA regulations. This is essential to guarantee traceability and to comply with strict quality controls.

Launch of a new app

A new app has been developed specifically for this campaign for verifiers and wineries. It makes it possible to create and develop a database that works in real time. The verifiers use their mobile devices to access the new database and quickly and easily coordinate between wineries to guarantee both the origin of the product and compliance with regulations.

A coordination centre has also been set up at the Regulatory Board with four coordinators to guarantee correct monitoring of the data coming in every day from wineries and verifiers through the app.

Complying with safety measures

Appropriate safety measures have been implemented with regards to the hiring of verifiers and how they are assigned to the wineries. In addition, each verifier follows COVID-19 protocols and regulations set by the winery they have been assigned to, with PCR tests and daily temperature checks. Each verifier is also provided with the relevant PPE (personal protective equipment), including masks and hydroalcoholic gel. This year there are approximately 90 verifiers and a total of 8 coordinators working mornings and afternoons.

DO CAVA technical controls begin with the wineries, based on registering vineyards with the right to produce grapes for DO CAVA, control of production, monitoring quality and the final destination of the grapes. After the harvest, quality controls are conducted, as well as analysis and organoleptic tests to categorise the cuvée wines, a process which includes regular inspections, stock declarations and verifying movements. All these steps are essential to guarantee product traceability and ensure the CAVA consumer of the excellence of the product.

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