Let's talk about wine

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This magazine fulfils the dream of a wine lover and enthusiast, who also enjoys gastronomy, photography and travel. And what could be better than creating a publication that combines these interests. Our aim with this magazine is to attempt to arouse some or a lot of curiosity in the reader to try new and classic wines, to experience new sensations, to provoke a little or a lot of interest that results in finding, trying and enjoying a new wine, and even getting straight onto the internet and looking for information about a topic we’ll have covered in the magazine. We shall also be reflecting on and considering in detail everything to do with a particular wine: who owns the bodega; who makes sure the vines are looked after day in day out so that they produce their best; how the wine is made; which type of barrel is used for storing and maturing.

Another aim of this publication is for the person who reads it to have their mind taken off problems, worries, work and their daily routine for a while. Let it be a time for relaxation and pure enjoyment, far removed from everything else. I hope that some at least of these objectives will be achieved to the best of our ability and, after reading this first issue, you will be eagerly awaiting the next. If that is so, then one of my objectives will have been accomplished. Enjoy

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