Earthquake in the D.O. Cava. The cellers that make up the brand have today officialised their leaving the DO Cava due to the lack of consensus with the Regulating Council on allowing the use of the tw

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The first bottles of sparkling wine under the collective brand name of CORPINNAT will be launched in the market this spring.

The nine wineries, which today make up the collective brand name CORPINNAT as of today have obtained from the Regulating Council the Denomination of Origen as producers of cava after months of discussions in order to attemp to find a formula that would allow for the continuation of the brand name CORPINNAT within the DO. In spite of the intense negotiations between the wine growers and Producers Association CORPINNAT (AVEC) (l'Associació de Viticultors i Elaboradors CORPINNAT (AVEC) and the DO Cava, it has been impossible to reach a satisfactory solution between the two parties, and the wineries associated to CORPINNAT have been forced to abandon the DO even though they set up the brand with the clear will to continue within the world of Cava. The latest proposal for integration that the Regulating Council has put on the table is not assumable on the part of CORPINNAT, because it requires a series of relinquishments that question the very nature of the collectrive brand name, such as territorial delimitation, rules of use or external quality controls. The discussions between CORPINNAT and the DO Cava, particularly with the new board of directors which was formed by last summer's elections, have been constructive for the sector overall, and as a result of this the Regulating Council have incorporated in their ideas the possibility of zonification in the future within the limits of the Denomination of Origin.

CORPINNAT recognises and values the fact that the Council has taken this step which can be a great help for the evolution of cava. In fact AVEC as at all times defended the proposal that all the territories that make up the DO have the possibility for expressing their special nature when they are presented to the market. But the AVEC regrets the fact that the DO Cava does not allow the coexistence of the Cava and CORPINNAT brands on one and the same label.

This coexistence was possible until the DO Cava approved a modification of the regulations at the last meeting of the Board dated (28.08.2018) to make this precisely incompatible the CORPINNAT project is not only just a guarantee of origin but it also represents a commitment for defending the special features of the territory and the varieties within the international offer of sparkling wines. Also, CORPINNAT intends to strengthen the excellence of the sparkling wines produced in the heart of the Penedès with one of the strictest regulations for production in the world, which certifies the maximum standards of quality. CORPINNAT has as its mission to motivate and strengthen the whole sector in terms of prestige and positioning, an objective that is perfectly compatible with Cava. Notwithstanding that, the Regulating Council of the DO Cava has not understood it in this manner.

For this reason, and faced with the impossibility of finding, in the current context, a solution that allows for this coexistence, and without shutting any door to the future, CORPINNAT faces a new stage with the undertaking of continuing to work for the good of the whole sector, in favour of the agricultural sector as the motor for change and transformation and with the objective of positioning the top sparkling wines that are produced in the heart of the Penedès among the best in the world. Also, and faced with the unforeseen new situation outside the DO Cava, CORPINNAT opens up a period of consideration in order to tackle this new stage.

Within the strictest requirements of CORPINNAT what stands out is the obligation of working with 100% ecological grapes, hand picked, minimum ageing for 18 months, the inclusion of the winegrower in the chain of value and the guarantee that 100% of the vinification process is carried out on the estate.

The collective brand name of the European Union CORPINNAT of Quality Sparkling Wines will be launched on the market this next spring with the selling of the first bottles, which include on the label the seal of the brand which groups nine wineries from the Penedès: Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca, Torelló, Huguet-Can Freixes, Júlia Bernat and Mas Candí.

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