Wherever you are, there must be good wine

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I hope that our readers will forgive me, but I feel I must dedicate this editorial to my friend Toni. It is an editorial that I had hoped I would never have to write, but regrettably I have to do so.

My friend, Toni Magrané, (“l´Antoniu” as he was known to his closest friends) a wonderful person and one of the main driving forces and reasons why the Selectus Wines project is now making steady progress, has sadly left us after having battled against an illness that over the last two years had kept him in a state of uncertainty, and which he confronted head on, valiantly and with hope, courageously and accepting it as a personal challenge.

He fought on until the end with great determination and would always give everyone else encouragement, when we should all have been the ones encouraging him.

His personality, his creativity, his imagination, his puns … all that he meant to us, the ones who were lucky enough to know him, I hope that we will never forget and that we will keep him forever in our memories.

With the kind permission of his immediate family, and as he would always end his Blackberry messages... Toni, “wherever you are, there must be good wine”.

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