Torres Brandy continues to be the brandy brand that the world’s best bars prefer

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Released the Drinks International’s 2024 Brand Report based on a survey of a hundred bars in 38 countries. El Gobernador is Chile's best-positioned pisco in the British magazine report.

For the fifth consecutive year, Torres Brandy leads the brandy category in the 2024 Brands Report published by Drinks International and is considered the favourite brandy brand by the world’s best bars. According to this annual report, Torres Brandy tops both lists of Bestselling Brands and Top Trending Brands.

This year, the brand has been named as a first choice by 10% of the bars polled for brandy. “This brand is the most widely distributed brandy outside of cognac, so it's no surprise that it's a popular choice in the world's best bars”, says Shay Waterworth, editor of Drinks International.

Torres Brandy has been leading the brandy category since this was separated from cognac polling in 2020. The brand first appeared in Drinks International’s Brands Report in 2015 – it got to number 5 before creating two different categories – and has been present ever since.

In the Pisco category, El Gobernador from Juan Torres Master Distillers is the best Chilean pisco, occupying the second place in both lists: in the chart of bestselling brands, it remains in second place, while in the top trending brands list, it climbs 8 places compared to the previous year.

Drinks International Brands Report was born in 2010 with the aim of finding out which brands the best bars buy and why. Considered an excellent indicator of consumer trends and buying habits of the world's best bars when it comes to spirits, it is based on a survey of one hundred of the world's most influential bars. Participants are bar owners, managers or bartenders from 38 countries, whose bar has been nominated or awarded in competitions such as The World's 50 Best Bars, Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards or Top 500 Bars, as well as in prestigious regional and national competitions.

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