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We can certainly all agree that when something is over a hundred years old, it can safely be described as “centennial”, or that an action repeated every 30-31 days can be referred to as a “monthly” occurrence. When we have something that is quantified and delimited, there should be no issue stating it on wine labels (unless someone tells me differently!).

But when we enter into the realm of the unquantified, the criteria become very subjective. And, with our comment below, we are not seeking to enter into conflict with anyone, but simply to invite a debate on the subject…

In May, the Priorat D.O.Q. presented us with a new classification for its wines, with a series of specifications that will be reflected on the Priorat wine labels. Then in June, we received a communiqué from the Rioja D.O.Ca. in which it also set out its requirements for the classification and description of its wines. The problem arises when, in different areas, the classifications, although similar, are not quite the same, and the criteria used to determine how each wine is classified also differ in some cases.

We do, of course, understand that the uniqueness of each region must be reflected in one way or another, but shouldn’t there be a body which sets out the bases for these classifications allowing the “differentiating details” of each region to emerge from there?  Sometimes it seems to us that everyone is living in their own little world!

We at Selectus wines are inviting debate on this subject and would be happy to hear from those who want and believe that these criteria should be standardised to give the consumer or trade customer a solid foundation on which to build their wine knowledge

In addition to debating this question, important to us and to many of the professionals with whom we have spoken, we are delighted to welcome back a former contributor, Xavi Ayala.  Xavi will be presenting a different grape variety and the wines made from it, in each issue.  We also have a fascinating piece on Osborne sherries by Federico Oldenburg and other articles that we hope you will find of great interest.

So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy your magazine and we wish you a glorious summer!

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