Another year, another harvest

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When this latest copy of Selectus Wines reaches you, the wine harvest will be over in some regions, in others it will still be in full swing and in a few it will not even have begun. This is one of the fabulous characteristics of the very special world that is wine. And we haven’t even mentioned the southern hemisphere of course, where the first leaves should now be starting to show in the vineyards.

The wineries gather the fruit of a long, hard year of work. Now is the moment of truth, when important decisions will be taken that will shape the future of the wines produced, which later we will have the pleasure of tasting.

As far as Selectus Wines is concerned, we continue to plant and plough ahead with an editorial line which, right from the start, has strived to set itself apart and maintain a high level in terms of our articles and the wines which our panel is able to taste and evaluate. More and more wineries are helping us ensure that the quality of our work remains top notch.

In our next issue, out at the start of next year, we may announce some changes. Until then, sit back and enjoy this latest issue.

Erratum: in the last issue, we incorrectly stated that the Jean Leon bodega was celebrating its 25th anniversary. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Editor's note: the interview with Josep "Pitu" Roca was not signed. The author of this interview is our contributor, Ramon Francàs.

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