Vive la Champagne!

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Some people say there is no such thing as coincidence and others say there is.  I really don't know who is right, but as circumstances would have it, ​​in this issue of Selectus Wines (either because it's that time of year again, with Christmas and the New Year celebrations underway, or simply because the subject is always fascinating), we are again featuring the Champagne region and champagnes with a certain reputation.  A few weeks ago, our contributor, Federico Oldenburg, attended the first Salon de Vignerons to take place in Spain and he gives us his round-up of the small producers of this very special sparkling wine, who are giving the big champagne houses a run for their money. 

Pursuing our magazine’s "internationalization", we will also be covering wines and wineries from outside Spain.  Marimar State, despite its Spanish roots (it was created and is managed by a Torres sister), is a winery “made in the U.S.A".   Cristina Alcalá gives us the lowdown on this winery, where she worked for a few months.

We would take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Successful 2015.  I am sure you have plenty of ideas in mind for enjoying the New Year, but we will again offer you our usual advice ... sit back and enjoy our magazine!

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