New Issue: Selectus Wines Magazine July 2017

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The world of wine is broad, it is universal and it is social... and for this reason it can be approached through a number of different themes and angles.  This is what we attempt to do in our humble publication – present views of the wine world through many different prisms.

As our loyal readers know, Selectus Wines has a number of regular features, including “the winery”, articles from one or both of our contributing Master of Wines (Pedro Ballesteros and/or Christy Canterbury), our tasting notes, written in their own inimitable style (and without scores), and the fascinating stories behind the venerable old wine companies, written by Paz Ivison, drawing on her extensive knowledge and rich vocabulary.

But from time to time, we come up with some other wine-related themes that we feel will be of interest to our readers. So, from this issue onwards, we are introducing a new regular feature: wine shops.  We will be taking you on a tour of a selection of wine shops, whose unique character makes them among the world’s finest, appealing to both the wine trade and the general wine drinking public.

Also in this issue, we will be giving you a preview of a space which has been devised to present the world of wine from a number of different angles:  Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin is a wine centre with both an educational and recreational function, where visitors can explore the world of wine.

So, as the long-awaited summer holidays are finally upon us, a time when most of us will enjoy a well-earned break, we invite you, once again, to kick back, relax, and enjoy this latest issue of Selectus Wines.

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Selectus Wines no.21 (preview)


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