New issue: Selectus Wines magazine July 2016

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Selectus Wines Magazine n.17

It seems that rosé has been enjoying a bit of boom lately, but is this just a passing fad or is rosé here to stay?

Some wellknown wineries are carving themselves out a piece of this market with fresh, easy-to-drink and fairly uncomplicated products, and at this time of year, these should be a hit. Muga, Raimat, Chivite, Codorniu and Bodegas Torres are some of the wineries which have decided to produce this style of rosé.

At the other end of the spectrum, wineries such as López de Heredia, Tobía and Maldivinas are showing how oak or clay can produce a different type of rosé which has greater longevity.

But, in our humble opinion, the “kings of rosé” are to be found on the other side of the border, in France, specifically in the Provence area, where these wines already enjoy a certain reputation and many wineries are devoted almost exclusively to the production of this type of rosé.

We took ourselves off to visit the winery that produces some of the best rosés in the world: Domaines Ott. In this issue, Pedro Ballesteros reports on a very exotic destination. Ecuador and wine tend to be mutually exclusive concepts for most wine drinkers, but perhaps, after reading Pedro’s report, we may think differently ...

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Selectus Wines no.17 (preview)


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