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The hot weather is back, the days are starting to become shorter again, and the vineyards... well, what exactly does their next harvest have in store for us? It seems to me that either there are problems created by too little water or problems created by too much water! At the time of writing, the winemakers in La Rioja are very worried about the upcoming harvest as the region has been hit by massive storms that may well have wiped out an entire year's work. A loss of this magnitude has not been seen in the region in 40-50 years. Let's hope they can recover as many grapes as possible and produce those gorgeous wines that brighten up our lives.

Due to the above and with climate change clearly upon us, we cannot yet know what this year's harvest will be like and the forecast for rain in July is not the best of news for the wineries. We will have to keep an eye on the weather and see how the situation evolves.

In this issue, we talk to Mireia Torres, head of the Jean Leon winery, marking its 60th anniversary this year with a revamp of its wine labels. However, our extensive interview with Mireia touched on many interesting topics...

We also report on a boutique winery that is part of the Marqués de Cáceres Group but which may be largely unknown to many: Finca La Capilla.

And, in addition to our usual sections, we are bringing you a Sparkling Rosé Special. Summer is the perfect time for enjoying meals with friends and family and what better than some "pink fizz" to add some extra fun and sparkle to these get-togethers?

We also continue to showcase spirits in our magazine. This time we are turning the spotlight on rum with some interesting insights into this product category courtesy of our specialist spirits contributor.

And that's all for now!  It's holiday time, so sit back, relax and enjoy your magazine!


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