Familia Torres named the best international producer of 0.0 wines.

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Mundus Vini Non-Alcoholic 2024 awards 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 "Best of Show" to the winery's dealcoholized wines.

Mundus Vini Non-Alcoholic 2024 has recognized Familia Torres as the "best international producer" of dealcoholized wines, as it is the winery that won most medals at the second edition of the event, held last March in Germany.

The family winery, pioneer in dealcoholized wines in Spain, has received a total of 7 medals and 2 'Best of Show' awards for the wines of its Natureo range, which was launched in 2008, as well as for the 0.0 wines of the Sangre de Toro brand.

Specifically, Natureo Muscat 2023, Natureo Garnacha Syrah 2022, Natureo Sparkling and Sangre de Toro White 0.0 2023 have won gold medals, while Sangre de Toro Rosé 0.0 2023, Sangre de Toro Red 0.0 2022 and Natureo Chardonnay 2022 have received silver medals. In addition, Natureo Muscat 2023 and Sangre de Toro Rosé 0.0 2023 have won the 'Best of Show' distinction, having achieved the best score in their respective categories.

This year, a total of 188 wines from different countries took part in the international Mundus Vini Non-alcoholic competition, organized by the Meininger Verlag publishing group, of which 16 received gold medals and 61 silver medals.

Familia Torres laid the foundations to create dealcoholized wines in 2004 as a result of a R&D project. After several years of research, the first Spanish dealcoholized wine was launched in 2008 under the Natureo brand. The improvement of the dealcoholizing technique and the experience acquired have allowed the winery to expand its range of dealcoholized wines, made from a global vision of the wine-making process that starts in the vineyard and respects the organoleptic characteristics of the original wine.

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