EL CUARTO, Bodegas Patrocinio's vegan wine

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Bodegas Patrocinio spearheads innovation through its latest development: the production of a new type of wine, wholly free from animal-based products, i.e. a fully vegan wine.

Wine is simply grape juice transformed by yeasts (microorganisms), which allow fermentation. Nevertheless, winemaking techniques also include the use of fining agents that help eliminate proteins, yeasts and other molecules that give wine a cloudy appearance.

Typical fining agents include gelatine, casein and egg albumen, among others. These adjuvants are derived from animals, and even though they are not present in the final product, they play a role in the production process.

At this point it might be useful to define what "veganism" means. Vegans follow a diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Nor do vegans eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar or some wines. Last but not least, vegans are strictly committed to rejecting all types of animal exploitation or suffering. 

In order to allow the vegan community to enjoy our wines and the richness of our terroir, Bodegas Patrocinio, Uruñuela's innovative driving force in winemaking, launches El Cuarto Tempranillo, an elegant and complex wine produced only with non-animal products; in other words, a wholly vegan wine, showcasing Bodegas Patrocinio’s terroir at its best.

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