Despite the difficulties... We’ve reached our first anniversary!

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When you are flicking through this magazine, it will be one year since the publication of the first issue of Selectus Wines. It’s been a long, hard slog, both personally and financially. We have a great group of collaborators - the photographic team and the tasting panel who bring up the rear and to whom the magazine owes its image - and a great website. All our readers and the venues (hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, etc.) which hosted our events have been fantastic. Together we are turning Selectus Wines into an exclusive magazine, both in terms of content and the readership to which it is addressed.

In this publication we will continue to follow the course we have set and that we consider to be right for the type product we cover and the places where it is distributed. We hope the journey will be a long one. We believe that the industry was calling out for this style of publication: quality reports, top collaborators, and a type of product that we would all like to buy and enjoy at some point in our lives. Who hasn't bought a car magazine and, when reaching the luxury sports car pages, dreamed of driving one?

We hope that you continue to give our modest, one year old publication, your vote of confidence and that we can celebrate many more anniversaries together. Please continue to enjoy Selectus Wines as much as we do.

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