Viña Albina Vendimia Tardía 2001

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(Bodegas Riojanas)
Sweet wine (90% Viura, 10% Malvasía)
Bodegas Riojanas
D.O.Ca. Rioja
Year: 2001

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 18th June 2013

One of the country's old traditional wineries located in Cenicero, Rioja Alta, which was officially founded in 1890 by the Artacho family and Don Rafael Carreras. This important piece of Spanish wine history houses over 4 million bottles, produced in its 300 hectares of vineyards. It is well worth a trip to the area to understand how the Spanish wine scene, and the Rioja Designation of Origin in particular, have been shaped over the last century.


Slightly golden straw yellow.


Sweetish, fruity and honeyed. Aromas of almond blossom and peach stones.  Really fine and pleasant.


Liquorice, with a pronounced sensation of sweetness which isn't heavy. Like on the nose, it is very fruity.  Excellent from start to finish, mouthwatering.


Semi-sweet white wine from over-ripened grapes and some embers of noble rot that takes us back a few years. It is perhaps surprising to come across these wines today and they could even appear somewhat lost in time, but until just over four decades ago, this was the style of wine which Spanish drinkers enjoyed. Then, one fine day and almost overnight, they succumbed to the pale, dry wines, the result of new, cutting-edge winemaking, which they had never drunk before.  So why have they made these specimens now close to extinction in Rioja?  Well, we should point out that in Rioja, over a century ago, the model to follow was close to the Bordeaux model.  Now it seems that there has been some resurgence in nostalgia for these products which certain bodegas, such as the one we are discussing here, have never stopped producing, more out of love than money.  Let’s draw from classic cuisine and pretend we are back in the 30's - a delectable pheasant ballotine, as a starter, could be agreeable if paired with this unique Rioja wine.

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