Velorosé 2011

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(Celler Tianna Negre)
Rosé wine (100 % Mantonegro)
Celler Tianna Negre
D.O. Binissalem
Year: 2011

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 2nd July 2012

With rosés reviled in recent years, some wineries such as Cellers de Tianna, located right in the heart of the Binissalem denomination of origin in Mallorca, have opted for a return to the Mediterranean character of these wines, apparently simple enough, but which combine exceptionally well the freshness endowed by their youth and the complexity bolstered by their tannic “entrails”, and reflect the climate, the land and the way of appreciating life at a rather more leisurely pace.


Bright pink colour, not very intense. Nose: Intense and pleasant, with notes of strawberry and raspberry sweets, herbaceous and aniseed hints together with delicate touches of white blossom. Palate: Meaty, generous and voluminous. Quite creamy on the finish with fullfruit hints. It impresses with its roundness and makes evident its warm provenance.


Velorosé 2011 comes dressed in a pale pink colour that makes it look shy and unassuming but it is exactly the opposite. On the palate, the powerfulness of the Mantonegro grape from which it derives intensifies, and its purpose is not merely to figure as one more wine on the table, but to fill it, at least at this time of the year when it’s difficult to choose between a white wine and a fresh red one. Lots of youthfulness, red fruit but easily digestible and boundless creaminess are the descriptors for this Mallorca wine, newly out on the market, and one that will delight people who shun redundant rosés, often too intense and repetitive. A Galician octopus carpaccio á feira (‘fair’ style), salads with King crab and some sort of fresh pasta, not too salty, are a couple of ways of putting it to the test over the summer and checking to see whether it stands up.

Serving temperature

from 6 to 8º C

Recommended glass

Riedel, Vitis Collection, Riesling glass