Penfolds Grange 2007

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Red wine (100 % Syrah)
Penfolds Wines
Year: 2007

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 10th March 2013

We are pleased to welcome one of the planet’s most iconic wineries and world reference for Australian wines, to our publication. This magnificent South Australian winery, which currently owns important vineyards in Barossa, McLaren Vale and Eden Valley among others, was founded in 1844 by British doctor, Christopher Rawson Penfold and his wife. History has written many important chapters in the Penfolds’ story and its diversified portfolio has continued to grow, particularly since the nineties where one notices a much more international influence in their products.


Red wine of black hue with a violet rim. Completely opaque.


Extremely fragrant. Very concentrated, with notes of very ripe black fruit covered with dark notes reminiscent of soy, cola and espresso. There then emerges evidence of barrel aging, still very marked. A festival of vanillas, mocha, cedar and anise tips.


Accessible, thick tannin but not aggressive. It shows itself to be fresh at first and then displays notes of stewed fruit. Flavours of toasted oak with noticeable meaty-type aromas. Long finish with a nice mouth feel.


A unique example. A cult wine. A classic on the world’s best wine lists, which came about after a revelation in 1951, the successful fruit of Schubert’s obsession with creating a robust wine of great balance and superb longevity. This 2007 is everything you would expect from a great wine such as this. Even in a dormant phase it already shows promise. It is delicious beyond measure. Its musculature is stunning and it is hard to imagine another Shiraz in the world of such class. It will continue to develop for many years and only time will tell if it will live up to other legendary Granges because, as 2007 turned out to be a difficult year, it is not easy to predict. True to form, the 21 months it spent encased in new American oak can still be felt and years in bottle will determine whether its current winemaker, Peter Gago, has created a new icon of the 21st century. Oxtail with a black fruit sauce would be a winning combination.