Pago La Jara 2008

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(Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez)
Red wine (100% Tinta de Toro and Albillo)
Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez
D.O. Toro
Year: 2008

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 3rd September 2013

Over two decades ago, wine producers from outside the region cast their eyes over the Spanish region of Toro, a neighbour of Ribera Del Duero. They observed how the rare, old Tempranillo vines, born on its stony soils, planted unevenly and arbitrarily pruned in apparent neglected chaos, produced grapes with a concentration, flavour and unique freshness which differed somewhat from the grapes produced in bordering regions. Telmo Rodríguez was involved in this analysis and he came, with his “flying-winemaker” vision, to this denominated region to study and learn from the wisdom of its vineyards.


Dark cherry red. Very bright.


Intense, with very obvious aromas of red fruits wrapped in fine oak. A combination of chocolatey and balsamic notes.


Surprisingly fresh, with good body. Very fruity flavours, sweet notes, with a mineral finish. You will just carry on drinking it if you are not careful.


Spectacular example of a well made Toro wine. This wine is power as tuned up as it can possibly be. Wearing a well recognizable image, Pago la Jara is a spectacular wine which makes all the senses vibrate. It is charming with every sip and is superb drinking. Far more accessible than other notable examples from the region, elegance is a constant feature of all its vintages. The 2008 shows itself to be direct, fine and full of flavour. Its immediacy is frightening, but deep down we like it that way. Not heavy with make-up, it shows concentrated fruit wrapped in a mystery that is revealed in each glass and gives us the pleasure of having a well-made wine on the table. It is perhaps one of the least known of Telmo’s wines by the general public and it deserves to be discovered. Produced in 5 small vineyard plots, it has been intelligently aged for 18 months and its production is limited to 3,565 bottles which, given its remarkable quality, will be highly sought. Don’t miss out.