Listán Blanco Sweet 2015

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(Ignios Orígenes)
Sweet wine (100% Listán Blanco)
Ignios Orígenes
D.O. Ycoden-Daute-Isora
Year: 2015

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 13th October 2014

Ignios Orígenes was created in 2011 with the aim of showing the world the typical characteristics of the volcanic soil and the distinctive personality of the wines produced in the Canary Islands, and the island of Tenerife in particular. These result from a combination of local grape varieties, spectacular topography and the influence of the ocean and trade winds.

They have 6 hectares of vineyards certified as being under “integrated production”, which means they are a notch below organic viticulture in legal terms, yet still legislated. They go a slightly beyond the legal requirements as they do not use synthetic products to get rid of the weeds.  They live in harmony with the soil, creating auxiliary fauna and rich soils on all their estates.

Unfortunately, these wines are still little known and difficult to find outside the Canaries. One of the great things about these unique wines produced from volcanic soil is their ability to absorb and capture this volcanic character.


Golden yellow. Lovely hue.


Aromas of dried fruit (apricots), honey, dried flowers, ripe citrus and peach skin, all wrapped up in an intense, smoky aroma.


Intense and tasty. Unctuous yet fresh, with a pleasant sweetness and an excellent acidity-to-sweetness balance. Very enjoyable. 

Comment: The secret of this wine lies in the island’s climate and the old Listán Blanco vines growing in soils composed of volcanic ash. It is a sublime wine, seriously good, with perfect “over-ripeness”, intoxicating sweetness, tropical and stone fruits, honeys, flowers and citrus aromas. The wine is pleasant, unctuous and extremely long on the palate, with an acidity that lends it even more length.

This is a rarity of nature, of low production, which offers drinkers a new aromatic and gustatory experience. Try if you get the chance.

Recommended with a fruit puff pastry tart with orange cream.