Krug Rosé

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(Champagne Krug)
Champagne (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier)
Champagne Krug
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 3rd September 2013

From the magnificent, exclusive Maison Krug, comes this delicious and rare example of a rosé champagne, considered the “serious” brother to deluxe champagnes. It is the result of superb, meticulous craftsmanship, a unique blend of the region’s trio of classic grape varieties and a blend of vintages. These all make up the various pieces of this jigsaw puzzle which displays the same spirit as its namesake white, Krug Grande Cuvée. Krug rosé rests in the cellars for five years before its release on to the market and exudes elegance from head to toe.


Nice coppery pink hue with fine bubbles. Seductive.


Fragrant. Salient notes of red berries at first, giving way to aromas of spices and pastries.


Dry on entry, with power and strength. A hint of floral type aromas at first, rose petals, red fruit, quince and spices and even roasted coffee bean shells towards the finish. Very elegant and long. Delicious.


Made with a large proportion of Pinot Noir in its purest state, without vinification as a white white, this sparkling wine is neither frivolous nor banal. It is one of the most serious, gastronomic rosé champagnes from the great Maisons. Infinitely pleasing, this champagne will dazzle at any meal and wears the Krug seal superbly well. It is a magnificent example of a champagne with great personality and sensory richness, perfectly combining elegance and finesse with very good weight on the palate and a finish which is full of flavour. It is a star of a champagne waiting to be discovered by drinkers uninterested in those overdone rosé sparklers which only taste of strawberries and take advantage of the rosé hue. This whim of fantasy should be tried at least once in a lifetime.