Kripta Gran Reserva 2007

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(Agustí Torelló i Mata)
Cava (38 % Macabeo, 34 % Parellada, 28 % Xarel·lo)
Agustí Torelló i Mata
D.O. Cava
Year: 2007

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 10th March 2013

The contribution that the Agusti Torello Mata family bodega has made to cava wine since its creation would be hard to sum up in just one page. In fact, this bodega established in 1950, is today one of the most well known to the general public due to the very great quality of all its products. Defenders of varietal uniqueness, they have always chosen to have their identity tied to native varieties, practicing sustainable viticulture and “partnering” with old vines from which they extract the very best.


Brilliant straw yellow. Fine, constant bubbles with the formation of very white, compact foam.


Elegant and floral, with good intensity. It’s really fresh. Hints of ripe apple, soft wheat grain and white flowers. Light, very pleasant custard notes.


Enveloping, with many vinous aromas, pronounced acidity and elegance on the finish which make this a nice little cava. The carbon dioxide is pleasant and very refreshing.


The winery’s “special” bottles are recognized around the world. These have always been elegant with excellent detail, but Kripta perhaps boasts the most unique bottle in the world of cava. Its unmistakable Roman amphora shape, designed by artist Rafael Bartolozzi, has both seduced and challenged our senses in equal measure, since it first appeared in 1979. But it is not only the presentation that makes you fall for this great cava - its “soul”, or its “essence”, is notably superior. A cava grand reserva with a minimum of 48 months of aging with a natural cork closure, without artifice, boasting the traditional cava coupage , always showing itself to be well-balanced, elegant, fresh and very gastronomic. The focus of an unforgettable evening. The perfect dance partner for a lobster and sea urchins in rice.