Condrieu La Dorianne 2010

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83.00 €
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(E. Guigal)
White wine (100 % Viognier)
E. Guigal
Year: 2010

 30th October 2012

To talk of Guigal is to talk of one of the most important négociants and wine producers in the Northern Rhône and, by extension, one of the most renowned names in the world of wine in France and very highly regarded by international critics over the last few decades. This family-owned business, located in Ampuis and now managed by the founder’s grandson, Philippe Guigal, is responsible for the legendary “La La’s” which refer specifically to its highly sought-after and well-regarded single-vineyard wines La Turque, La Landonne and La Mouline. With a superior display of technology, Guigal never fails year after year to be placed in the Top Ten of the most exclusive French wines and, naturally, in the high price bracket. Quite a luxury that only a few can afford.


Golden yellow colour, very bright and noticeably dense in the glass.


Showing plenty of intensity, ripe stone fruit notes come through. Peaches, apricots and definite citrus touches reminiscent of orange peel that imbue it with a certain initial sweetness. Gradually notes more redolent of almonds take over, linking up with hints of honey.


Well-rounded and strongish. Bitter notes on the finish with nuances identical to the nose. The right amount of acidity and a pleasant finish.


Originating from four individual parcels or lieux-dits, which amount to a total of three and a half hectares, this is a Condrieu not to suggest to anyone looking for subtlety and lightness in a white wine. It is a bombshell of flavours, very opulent, mature and certainly flavoursome. Aged for eight months, this wine comes over as the most superlative La Doriane made by the Guigal family and will possibly improve in bottle over the next three years. Asian cuisine or lightly spiced dishes can pair up perfectly and with preparations that subtly include truffles it can be spectacular.

Serving temperature

from 10 to 12º C