Château Dereszla Eszencia 2008

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Sweet wine (70% Furmint, 30% Hárslevelú)
Château Dereszla
Year: 2008

 Rafel Sabadí
 27th September 2016

The Aulan family has owned Château Dereszla since 1999. Its 35 hectares are of exceptional quality and in a perfect location, on gentle slopes with perfect microclimates. The vineyards are divided into different plots, all of which are south-facing and located between 150 and 250 metres altitude.

Eszencia is the ultimate in quality in Tokaji wines. This priceless elixir is a fabulous and legendary beast. The Hungarians say that it is best to drink this wine from a thimble, and that, in drinking it this way, one can live eternally. It is also said that due to its longevity, kings and princes typically received this wine as gifts from their relatives and friends, as a symbol of their divine power.

Eszencia 2008 is a blend of the traditional Furmint and Hárslevelü grape varieties. It is so rich in sugar that its slow fermentation lasts up to three years. It is aged for two years in barrel and one in the bottle. Its nose reveals notes of orange and apricot jam, oranges and quince, with lashings of honey.

It shows fantastic balance on the palate, with exquisite volume. Despite its high level of sweetness, its acidity is enviable. It is very young; therefore it is aged in the historic cellar, 12 metres underground. Thanks to the humidity, a constant 10ºC, and air purified by a type of fungi (Cladosporium cellare) lining the walls, we expect it will have great longevity.