Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Asili di Barbaresco 2008

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(Bruno Giacosa)
Red wine (Nebbiolo)
Bruno Giacosa
Year: 2008

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 1st October 2013

Bruno Giacosa is nicknamed "the teacher" in Italy and he heads the school of wine made ​​with a view to the long-term.  These are wines specifically intended to grow over time, where nerve and breeding, slow evolution and steady aromatic development, are the dominant traits. To enjoy the result of all of this, patience is required: Giacosa’s wines virtually never reveal their full splendour on first acquaintance, and the drinker has to let himself or herself be seduced, slowly. In most cases Giacosa’s Barbarescos require between 2 and 4 years’ ageing in bottle and can be enjoyed up to 20 years later.

Obsession with the terroir and the quest for the expression of each vineyard parcel are constants.  Giacosa considers that a wine is typical of the particular place assigned it by history.  No matter whether it is traditional or modern, the important thing is whether it has reached the technical capacity to be able to extract the full potential of the grapes and thus successfully create a symbiosis with its terroir and the culture and history of its land.


Beautiful red hue of medium intensity with a garnet rim.


Captivating. Aromas of ripe red fruits with soft floral notes accompanied by earthy aromas of tea leaves, menthol and white pepper.


Medium bodied, elegant with impeccable balance. Fruity on the palate with delicate ripe tannins that help to expand its flavours and enable it to linger pleasantly over a long finish.


Asili is a model of elegance and delicacy, with little colour but with a fragrance that fascinates.  It comes from a loam soil with crumbly sand, on southeast and southwest facing terrain, at an altitude of 250 metres. The vines are between 20 and 35 years old.

This 2008 is distinctive for its finesse and approachability.  The wine is very well-balanced in terms of its variety of aromas and fruit flavours, but will also age extremely well, developing characteristic aromas of mushrooms, truffle and game.

Superb paired with a mushroom risotto with white Alba truffles.