Belondrade y Lurton 2010

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(Bodega Belondrade y Lurton)
White wine (100 % Verdejo)
Bodega Belondrade y Lurton
D.O. Rueda
Year: 2010

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 10th March 2013

The white jewel of Castilla León got lucky the day Didier Belondrade fell for the charms that la Verdejo caste could bring to the wine world. So began an enduring relationship that has led to one of the most successful matches in Spain, as far as great white Spanish wines are concerned. She, maligned in the past, never had had anyone to care for her, to pamper her or give her belief in her inner aromatic, glycerin, sensorial and elegant power. He, a Frenchman born between the Tart and the Garonne, enamoured from the first sip, imagined her clad in subtle, elegant oak enabling her to become eternal. So raising her up as the Queen of the lands of Castile, he immediately proposed his eternal commitment to her. What happened after 1994 is history in the Rueda region.


Straw yellow with light golden glints. Clean and bright.


Very honest, floral with slight aniseed and citrus peel. No obvious new oak notes.


Intense, very smooth and refreshing on entry. Aromas reminiscent of fresh vanilla, camomile, and soft, pleasant bitters. Very deep mineral notes hidden at the end the glass. Good acidity, still room for improvement in bottle.


We never tire of seeing the progress made by this Verdejo year after year. But what is most pleasing about tasting Didier’s wines, is discovering the majestic skill he used to create a wine that can be appreciated when young yet offering continued enjoyment the longer it remains in bottle. This vintage is superb and very good in all its characteristics. No need to wait much longer to appreciate the essence of the Verdejo grape masterfully fermented in barrel and aged for ten months, but its development in bottle, the bodega’s trademark, will delight patient drinkers if temptation does not cross their path first. Imagine it with gambas with diced pigs trotters. Sublime.