Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha Single Quinta 1996

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(Warre´s - Symington Family States)
Fortified wine (Touriga Nacional and others)
Warre´s - Symington Family States
Year: 1996

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 1st October 2013

Warre's is the oldest British port shipper in Oporto.  The company started out by bartering English wool and cod in exchange for the soft wine from the Minho region, today known as "vinho verde".  The company was founded back in 1670.  Warre’s ports are considered to be among Portugal's finest.  Most of the grapes come from their own estate, the Quinta da Cavadinha in the Pinhão Valley, and the remainder comes from small growers in the Torto River Valley with whom Warre’s has been working for generations.  Only 15% of the grapes harvested are pressed traditionally, by foot, and this is only performed for the finest ports. The remainder is vinified using mechanical methods. Today Warre's is one of the famous wineries within the Symington Group stable.


Ruby red hue with brick-red highlights.  Best decanted due to its deposit.


Very fine and fragrant. Aromas of black cherry jam, figs and sweet red currants along with high floral notes of violets. Nutty and roasted aromas emerge after swirling the glass more vigorously.


Soft and seductive on the palate, with good acidity and sweetness. Aromas of berries and toffees. Long, delicious finish.


A single quinta is a vintage wine which comes from a specific estate.  This is not in fact a superior vintage port, but a type of vintage which possesses neither the characteristic longevity or the high prices of the classic vintage ports. That said, this '96 has all the complexity and elegance that a genuine vintage port should possess.  It is enormously charming, a port of character from one of the most important companies in the region.

Masterful when paired with a coulant au chocolat  with toffee sauce and violet ice cream.

Glass by RIEDEL,  VINUM collection, PORTO model.