Único Vega Sicilia 2003

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(Vega Sicilia)
Red wine (100% Tinta Fina)
Vega Sicilia
D.O. Ribera del Duero
Year: 2003

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 4th March 2013

If any bodega in Spain combines quality, history and uniqueness unlike any other, it is certainly Vega Sicilia. Little did Don Eloy Lecanda imagine, back in 1864, that nearly one hundred and fifty years later, the wines of the bodega he founded would be among the most prominent, iconic references on the international wine scene. Their wines are always synonymous with elegance, maturity and concentration. To all wine connoisseurs, it is the classic, top Spanish bodega.  Vega Sicilia is certainly the wine which best bears the intrinsic title of "fine table wine." It is the most reputed wine of Spain gracing the most exclusive dining tables around the world.


Ruddy red with a garnet rim. Very bright despite its ten years of age. Visible fine tears.


Medium intensity. A fair amount of ripe fruit against a really fine spicy background. Evolving. Aromas of new and smoky leather emerge.


Mature, without excessive weight. Polished tannins with loads of slightly liquorice-like dark fruit and very pleasant slightly toasted notes. Not overpowering.  Full of flavour and long. Vega Sicilia style.


Único 2003 is a shy Vega Sicilia. To be honest, it is preceded by great vintages and this one appeared to us to be more demure than its older siblings. Whether because of the vintage or because it still needs to age in bottle, at this point in time it is coming across as a slightly confused Vega Sicilia. It leaves no doubt as to its origin and it is worthy of the "Único" lineage. Perhaps, and only perhaps, it is the most "unique" of the recent "Únicos" and only time will tell if it will attain a greater accolade.  For now, rest, much more time, and patience.  Of course we will not question its iconic status, as the finest wine on any table deserves to continue to sleep in our cellars and, of course, be included in the collection of lovers of this "select" wine.  A juicy leg of lamb would be a feast for this 2003.