Termanthia 2008

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(Bodega Numanthia Termes)
Red wine (100 % Tinta de Toro)
Bodega Numanthia Termes
D.O. Toro
Year: 2008

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 30th October 2012

Located in the village of Valdefinjas, in the province of Zamora, Numanthia was set up with a firm commitment to creating robust, profound and very flavoursome wines, expressing the potential of the Tinta de Toro (the local Tempranillo clone) that originates from old vineyards, aged between seventy and a hundred years old, with some reaching over a hundred and twenty years old, that give rise to very concentrated and well-structured fruit.


A bright, dark cherry-red colour, very vivid, with violet hues on the rim. Opaque, very dark. Fine, vigorous tears that tinge the glass.


Very complex, it needs to breathe. Ripe black fruit reminiscent of blackcurrants and cranberries, with the very spicy, toasty notes of new barrels. A profound, very intense aroma highlighting the balsamic background which is evolving in the glass.


Rounded, showing power and concentration which makes it complex, with a good balance of fruit and oak ageing. A flavoursome, elegant and very long finish. Plenty of aromatic hints, already displayed on the nose, which cover an abundance of flavours, from concentrated black fruits, lightly stewed, moving on to toast nuances and touches of cocoa that culminate in balsamic notes. The height of luxury.


An “haute couture”, unique wine. Numanthia’s most exalted cuvée is perceived as a jewel crafted with splendid precision that presents us with very wellhandled, unbridled power. Grapes picked by hand, selected and trodden, that are aged in new oak for twenty months and finally bottled without being clarified or filtered, preserving their essence intact. A secret, a scant six thousand bottles for the very audacious. This is a wine for great occasions and we should set it against cuts of large wild game, roasted or in a hearty stew, although given its powerfulness, if there is anything left in the glass at the end of the feasting, best enjoy it with a fine dark chocolate dessert. It needs to be decanted.

Serving temperature

from 16 to 18º C