Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Silberlack – Grosses Gewächs VDP Grosse Lage 2013

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(Schloss Johannisberg)
White wine (100% Riesling)
Schloss Johannisberg
Year: 2013

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 24th November 2014

To really understand the importance of Schloss Johannisberg among German wines, you need to know a little of its history and legacy. This winery has the distinction of being the first known winery in the Rheingau region. Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne,  made a record of the vineyards in the area in 817.  The first monastery was established in 1110 and given the name of Bischofsberg.  However, in 1130, it was renamed Johannisberg in honour of Saint John the Baptist.  Another significant date in this winery’s history was 1720, when it became the first winery in the world to have its entire vineyards planted with only Riesling.

Today, this winery is independent of the monastery. It has 35 hectares of 100% Riesling vineyards in the town of Geisenheim in Rheingau.


Bright, pale yellow. Fluid tears.


Good varietal expression with aromas of dried flowers, fleshy fruit, spices and citrus peel. Herbaceous aromas and a very fresh, balsamic backdrop.


Shows great finesse, with a good weight of fruit giving it unctuosity. Well defined acidity in harmony with the fruit and citrus retro-nasal aromas. Long lasting finish and very harmonious aftertaste.


The traditional production of this wine has been passed down from generation to generation. Due to the perfect geology of the vineyards and the work of the winemakers, they have been able to maintain the tradition and reputation of the winery, a member of the VDP (an association of the best German producers).

2013 was one of the most difficult vintages of recent years in the area, but it gave the vineyards more character, endowing the wines with finesse and great ageing potential. This Silberlack is very expressive and fruity on the nose, it is a fat wine, of great purity and almost perfect acidity, presaging a bright future.

Recommended with a carpaccio of sea scallops with olive oil and lime.