Ricci Curbastro Franciacorta Rosé Brut

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(Azienda Agricola Rici Curbastro)
Sparkling wine (80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay)
Azienda Agricola Rici Curbastro

 17th September 2013

Franciacorta is located in the heart of Lombardy and stretches between Brescia and Lake Iseo.  It describes three concepts: a wine, a production method (traditional or classic) and the region where Italy’s finest quality sparkling wines are produced.

The Ricci Curbastro family has over one hundred years of history behind it, its first sparkling wine labels dating from 1885. The current owner, Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, is a major producer and also an entrepreneur of extraordinary vision who one fine day decided to invest in the production of sparkling wine in Franciacorta.  His winery, and the family home where he lives, are located in Villa Evemila, on an estate with 27 hectares of vineyards.  His wines are remarkable for their refinement, elegance and balance.


Beautiful coppery pink hue. Abundance of fine beads.


Enchanting, starting out with floral notes of rose petals, fresh red fruits and mountain herbs before giving way to earthy and spicy aromas.


Very tasty, with good fruit reproducing the aromatic landscape described above.  Remarkably fine freshness that invites you to carry on drinking it.  Lingering aftertaste.


This sparkling rosé is captivating and not expensive compared to some of its rivals. It has a delightful creamy texture and fine, lively bubbles.  Like a perfume on the nose, it offers up a basket of white and blue flowers, fresh fruit, currants and strawberries.

Each sip testifies to the immense potential of the region's climate and soils. These are deep gravel soils, poor in organic matter, with good acidity thanks to the influence of the Alps which protect the vineyards from the cold coming off Lake Iseo.

We would suggest you enjoy it with an oven-baked Camembert served with blueberry jam and violet ice cream

Glass by RIEDEL, VINUM collection, CUVÉE PRESTIGE model