Recioto Della Valpolicella Classico 1997

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(Bodega Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Quintarelli)
Red wine (55 % Corvina & Corvinone, 30 % Rondinella, 15 % Cabernet, Nebbiolo, Croatina & Sangiovese)
Bodega Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Quintarelli
Year: 1997

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 30th October 2012

Located in the village of Negrar, in the midst of the Valpolicella valley, among vineyards dotted with olive and cherry trees, the Azienda Agricola Quintarelli is a true reflection of tradition and purity taken to the extreme, in conjunction with the more “modern” personal aspirations of its alma mater Giuseppe Quintarelli, who sadly died at the beginning of 2012. Generous in the degree of alcohol, dense, opaque, with an unbeatable ageing capability are distinctive traits of these magnificent wines, unfortunately not well-known by the public at large, which intrinsically undergo a unique, difficult and magical production process which results in them becoming wine icons. Appearance: A garnet red colour with brick-red hues on the rim, of medium to high density. Nose: Complex, needing time to open up. Sweet sensations of raisiny black fruit, liquorice, roasted coffee, bars of chocolate... A lovely background of cherry jam is constant throughout. Palate: A sweet entry which surprisingly disappears by the second sip. Very full of fruit in character. Hints of raisins, spices, old wood. It is warm, pleasant and rounded but maintains good acidity which stays right to the finish. Pure magic! Remarks: Being able to enjoy this wine is a unique experience. This 1997 is truly splendid! It is a far cry from the heaviness that often equivocally befalls Reciotos. The wine has the soul of a Corvina, bone-dry, with just over 100 grams of residual sugar, which certainly makes it more than a mere dessert wine and one we should make the effort to try out not solely with sweet dishes. Its creator, Beppi Quintarelli, would probably be drinking it right now, with a delicious tosta with Asiago cheese, pine nuts and cherry preserve. Serving temperature: from 16 to 18º C