Real de Asúa 2002

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(C.V.N.E. (Compañia Vinícola del Norte de España))
Red wine (Tempranillo 100%)
C.V.N.E. (Compañia Vinícola del Norte de España)
D.O.Ca. Rioja
Year: 2002

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 17th September 2013

Founded in 1879, the premises of the Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España (known as CVNE or Cune), is made up of a cluster of buildings, mainly from the 19th Century, arranged around a patio surrounded by facilities for winemaking, ageing and bottling.  

The Company is remarkable for various reasons: its size, its family character, the unmistakable style and consistency of its brands, and its ability to move with the times.

In Spain, it is a real icon, embodying the history of Rioja, a region that has risen to prominence more than any other thanks to bodegas such as this one. Its wines have their own special charisma, representing safe, long term investments with a good return for those who purchase them.


A very intense, dark Picota cherry hue. Thick tears.


Aromas showing good complexity.  Pronounced, full flavoured, ripe fruit aromas with spicy notes of cocoa and toffees. Very fine quality toasted oak.


Well-structured and full of flavour, the wood marries very well with the fruit and the superb acidity.  Mature, elegant tannins. Very long finish in which the wine’s fine ageing can be appreciated.


This wine, first released with the 1994 vintage (considered great back then), is a tribute to the winery’s founders, brothers, Eusebio and Raimundo Real de Asúa.  It is made from selected, hand-picked Tempranillo grapes grown in their own Rioja Alta vineyards and which undergo a second quality selection at the winery. Cune built separate premises specifically for the production of this wine, designed to enable operations to be carried out solely by gravity flow.

Real de Asúa is an example of a top-notch wine and is more modern in style than the rest of the Cune range. It is a wine with juicy fruit, plenty of concentration, great maturity and extremely long ageing potential.  It is the most contemporary wine from a traditional winery.

Roast rabbit with spices and confited shallots would be the ideal pairing.

Wine glass by RIEDEL, VINUM collection, TEMPRANILLO model