Radix 2011

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(Bodega Parés Baltá)
Rosé wine (100 % Syrah)
Bodega Parés Baltá
D.O. Penedès
Year: 2011

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 30th October 2012

Parés Baltà now belongs to an imaginary group of classic wineries in the Penedés, because of its historical past that began in 1790, because it is family-owned and located in Pacs del Penedés, the very heart of the D.O.’s great bodegas. Without relinquishing its classic wines, over the past decade it has shown an amazing commitment to products that are much more singular, less mainstream and more adventurous which they call “microcuvées”. A catalogue of new wines which have brought a breath of fresh air to the market and which demand a much more intimate, versatile and modern style. These are wines which are very limited and not always repeated the following year. They have been produced under the hallmark of organic farming since 2004.


Ruby red with shades of violet. Much more Rosé than other years.


Good intensity. Very clean aromas with lactic notes, hints of fresh red fruit and fig leaves.


Fresh, very opulent. Some floral hints with continual red fruit and sweetish notes. Showing good acidity. Spirited.


Radix 2011 is much more rose-coloured than in other years. Undergoing less bleeding and fresher. It continues to be a robust Rosé wine, ready to cause surprise, for escaping from those simple Rosés that only pair up with aperitifs. It comes under the “micro-cuvées” section and remains the star of modern wines with a succinct and minimalist presentation. A Syrah showing excellent expression. Elegant and versatile that can be enjoyed at any time of the year and will last far longer than just twelve months. Pastas, risottos, salads with fruit, also white meats and fish in light sauces can enhance the fine attributes of this magnificent Rosé wine.

Serving temperature

from 8 to 10º C