Quinta do Vale Meão 2009

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(Quinta do Vale Meão)
Red wine (57 % Touriga Nacional, 35 % Touriga Franca, 5 % Tinta Barroca, 3 % Tinta Roriz)
Quinta do Vale Meão
D:O.C. Douro
Year: 2009

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 2nd July 2012

One of the Portuguese wineries that is currently most in vogue and which, although it was officially founded in 1998, dates its wine-producing history back to 1877 when Doña Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, an illustrious figure and a fine artisan of high quality wines in Portugal, decided to establish one of the best Quintas in the Douro Superior region, very near to the Spanish border, at Vila Nova de Foz Côa, where the River Douro forms a large meander, and in the centre of it lies the estate whose name Meão exactly means ‘middle’ or ‘in the middle’.


An intense deep cherry colour, of high density. Clean, very bright, immediately appealing.


Very concentrated, complex and rich. An intense aroma of black fruit, slightly crystallised, rather mature with floral and balsamic notes and a background of spices and cocoa.


Ample, with good acidity and fresh, fairly rounded and dense tannins. Flavoursome on the finish and very long.


A well-assembled wine that is an example for us of the fine work which is taking place in this neighbouring country with which we share common ground. Originating from powerful native strains, it is a faithful reflection of the work carried out by the Olazabal family on one of the Douro’s most beautiful estates. Vale Meao is the winery’s flagship and positively brims with personality. It is modern, balanced and very concentrated, showing a clearly-defined potential for longevity. Aged for almost two years in French oak barrels. Resorting to regional cooking is not only an excellent way of getting to know the gastronomic culture of other countries, but it also usually gives us the chance to try new wines. In this instance we can pair it with an excellent chanfana (goat stew in red wine) or delicious roast kid estonado style, and even, if you fancy, drink it with a tasty cod casserole accompanied by potatoes and red peppers.

Serving temperature

from 16 to 18º C

Recommended glass

Schott Zwiesel, Grace Collection, Bordeaux Grand Cru glass.