Pazo Señorans Selección de Añada 2005

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(Bodega Pazo Señorans)
White wine (100 % Albariño)
Bodega Pazo Señorans
D.O. Rias Baixas
Year: 2005

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 10th March 2013

Although many find it hard to believe, there are albariños on the market (an increasing number) for our drinking enjoyment and pleasure, which proudly display on their label the fact that they have spent over twelve months in bottle. This trend, not so new, is in response to the misconception that wines made in Rias Baixas have to be drunk within one year of bottling. Luckily, men like Marisol Bueno have helped us get to know the delicious character of albariños that have been aged and left to rest. In Pazo Señorans work started in the 80’s and today, many more have followed, to show the world that with meticulous care and persistent, hard work, the white wines show great personality and can be “pleasant and very long-lived.”


Straw yellow with greenish, bright, shiny tints.


Concentrated, needs to breathe. Stone fruit, watermelon, floral fragrances. Very nice on the finish.


Volume. Marked lateral acidity. Very marked lime and grassy notes. Nice throughout with a clean sensation. Very long.


One of the most admired white wines in Spain. A great example of white wine that has not been barrel aged but can be laid down. Over thirty months’ contact with its lees has resulted in a big elegant wine, blessed with a big personality and leaving us with a pleasant lingering aftertaste. A wine that evokes the feudal Pazo of past centuries, taking us back to the rural Galicia of yesteryear, the charm of a landscape soaked by oceanic influences, wall-papered green. This wine would be a safe bet with excellent grilled seafood but for the more daring, Galician tripe would be nicely uplifted by this wine.