Nikolaihof Vinothek Grünner Veltliner 1993

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(Nikolaihof Wachau)
White wine (100 % Grüner Veltliner)
Nikolaihof Wachau
Year: 1993

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 30th October 2012

Nikolaihof spans more than twelve centuries of history and it is therefore considered one of the earliest wineries in the country of Austria. Located in the Wachau Valley, in Lower Austria, it continues to make history on the banks of the Danube, sheltered by the mild climate, with soils rich in gneiss and mica coating the sloping hillsides which leave visitors awestruck, creating an extremely beautiful landscape, dotted with the most lovely buildings and fortresses. It belongs to the Saahs family and its twenty hectares are looked after following biodynamic methods. Its philosophy entails total respect for the environment, very low yields and making wines that are true to their variety and terroir. Appearance: A very intense and attractive golden yellow colour. Nose: Not overly expressive at the start and it needs to breathe for a while. Decanting should not be ruled out. Notes of slightly cooked white fruit appear. Herbal honey, citrus touches. Mature nuances and whiffs of spices. Huge complexity for displaying multiple aromas. Palate: Characterful. Distinct flavours of white fruit with hints of pear, lychee and jasmine blossom. Balanced acidity accompanied by plenty of weight on the palate. It is unctuous but not unpleasantly so. Very long finish with pronounced mineral hints much in evidence. Remarks: This Vinothek 1993 is a white you should not miss if you want to delve into the purest flavours of the variety and happily discover the longevity that these 100% biodynamic white wines can attain. This is a wine to enjoy and discuss with company, since it constantly changes after uncorking the bottle. It marries well with more difficult flavours such as asparagus or artichokes. In particular, the idea of pairing this wine with a style of cuisine rich in spices, such as Indian, is most appealing, since stronger flavours could be off set quite convincingly by this white wine, now almost twenty years old. One not to miss. Serving temperature: from 14 to 16º C