Moët & Chandon MC III Brut

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(Moët & Chandon)
Champagne (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier)
Moët & Chandon
A.O.C. Champagne

 Rafel Sabadí
 27th September 2016

Who doesn’t know this Champagne House? With over 1,000 hectares at its disposal, Moët & Chandon belongs to LVMH, the most important luxury goods Group in the world. Its Brut Imperial is the most well-known and most consumed champagne on the market.

The MCIII is a concept exclusive to this Maison, and represents quintessential luxury in every detail. For the first time, an unprecedented champagne has been created without a vintage. Rather, it is a blend of several vintages aged in three different environments: metal, wood, and glass. Its presentation is equally spectacular. The stunning bottle discreetly and subtly hints at the innovation it holds within. It is an extraordinary juxtaposition of three worlds: glass, thanks to its luminous black glass bottle, metal, due to its intricate metal cap and medallion base, and last but not least, wood, in the form of its striking box.

The wine is an assemblage of three strata. The first is created by the 2003 vintage, the second by the 1998/2000/2002 vintages, and the third by the 1993/1998/1999 vintages. It is composed of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and is bottled and aged for 10 years, plus one year after disgorgement. The result is exuberant and elegant. On the nose, it has enormous aromatic intensity, with hints of brioche, orange peel, stone fruit, and notes of toasted hazelnut. It is a medium-bodied wine with a delicious, creamy texture. Its flavours are intense, its effervescence persistent, and its finish dry and very long.