Mandolás 2010

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(Tokaj Oremus)
White wine (100 % Furmint)
Tokaj Oremus
Year: 2010

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 24th June 2013

The Alvarez family’s international project to get its hands on the traditionally famous Tokaji wine started in 1993 with the acquisition of the Oremus winery. Since then, after significant technical investment and completing the long, hard work of remodeling the winery’s old galleries, they have attained the zenith of quality wines produced in Hungary. The wine house’s specialty and reputation for producing captivating wines goes before it and the challenge it set itself has borne fruit. Although the region is known for its inimitable sweet wines, they also decided to work on dry white wines, and naturally we decided to try one to see, forgetting sugar for now, how well the Vega Sicilia people work the Furmint grape to produce a dry wine.


Pale grteenish yellow with grey, clean, bright highlights.


Delicate and very floral but with some intensity after swirling the glass. Camomile notes and hints of sweetness.


Unctuous, with hints of honey and baked russet apple. Fresh with good acidity, leaving a pleasant aftertaste on the finish.


While we said that the region is known for its excellent sweet wines, this dry white is a surprisingly fresh and fruity treat. After fermenting, the wine is left on its lees in barrel for several months which gives it good volume on the palate. Extremely floral and sensual, this jewel of a white wine is pleasantly surprising at all levels. As well as enjoying the quality seal of the brand, it is really accessible from the first sip and does not require a special occasion for it to be opened and enjoyed, preferably with food. A fine white wine particularly recommended for warm weather drinking.