Les Tosses 2009

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(Terroir al Límit)
Red wine (100 % Cariñena)
Terroir al Límit
D.O.Q. Priorat
Year: 2009

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 2nd July 2012

An interesting project set up in the middle of the last decade under the direction of South African Eben Sadie and Germany Dominik A. Huber who probably represent the best exemplifiers of what has been termed the Priorat’s second revolution. The winery is located in the town of Torroja del Priorat and its style is clearly Burgundy-inspired. They make five red wines and an excellent white wine, very difficult to achieve. Their philosophy is one of little intervention and their intention is for the wines to be a truly faithful reflection of the soil and the variety which shaped them.


Very intense dark cherry red, with an abundance of dark-coloured tears.


Aromas of red and black fruits with floral hints. Good concentration. Very fresh and pleasant.


Generous and very fresh. Hints of acidic red fruit, powerful and mineral, with balsamic notes. A very long finish, fresh and elegant.


Originating from the small estate which bears the same name, this parcel wine is a magnificent example of a Cariñena of real elegance and extremely fresh. Les Tosses is a powerful wine but very well tamed, demonstrating a character that is lovely and elegant, fresh and Mediterranean, tasty and long-lasting. It boasts a combination of many merits which will enable us to enjoy a fantastic feast without casting it in the shade. An excellent red wine that reveals with surgical precision the landscape of its origins and one which has become the leading wine of the new great Priorats. The versatility of this fantastic wine comes as no surprise, since it unites two superb attributes: powerfulness and freshness, and that certainly makes it an all-rounder worth serious consideration when it comes to culinary quandaries. From a tartar of filet mignon to a tuna marmitako, or challenging it with veal sweetbreads. A bit bold? No, sensationally tasty.

Serving temperature

from 14 to 16º C

Recommended glass

Schott Zwiesel, Gusto Collection, Claret Bordeaux glass.