Grans Muralles 2007

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(Bodegas Torres)
Red wine (Garnacha Negra, Cariñena, Monastrell, Garró, Samsó)
Bodegas Torres
D.O. Conca de Barberà
Year: 2007

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 3rd September 2013

Much of the Catalan identity of the Torres family and its wines, lies in understanding the importance of this estate wine within the range of premium products produced by the bodega. Owing its name to the walls which protected the monastery of Poblet from wars and mercenaries, Grans Muralles, a Conca de Barberá Denomination of Origin, is a clear illustration of the commitment made by Torres, 30 years ago, to recover almost extinct ancestral native grape varieties to produce wines of the highest quality. In 1980 they began with the Garró grape variety, which went into this 2007 vintage. In future vintages of this wine it will be joined by the newly recovered Querol grape variety The project’s methodology is based on five key axes: search for the grape varieties, identification and categorization, assessment of the oenological potential, sanitation and reproduction of the strain and finally adaptation to the field.


Dark cherry red hue of strong intensity, abundant tears in the glass.


Pleasant. Intense aromas of sweet spice, ripe berries, cherry, liquorice and mineral notes. Very complex.


Tasty, full bodied. Loads of black fruit, ripe flavours, spices and incense on the palate. Nice tamed tannin with a long finish and good acidity.


Grans Muralles’ unmistakable identity comes from the stony slate soils (Licorella), as well as the grape varieties which go into it. Over the century since phylloxera, Torres has managed to recover extinct indigenous varieties using modern viticultural techniques. These varieties blended with Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre together create the spirit of this harmonious 2007 which has been aged for 18 months in barrel, softening its character to produce delicious, dizzying sensations. It is definitely one of the great wines on the Spanish scene, very authentic. This magnificent estate red wine is worth trying and savouring. It brings to the table fond memories of times past. Perfect for enjoying now, at hardly six years of age, yet ideal for laying down for another decade.