Gran Buig 2004

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(Viticultors Mas d´en Gil)
Red wine (95% Tempranillo, 3% Graciano, 2% Mazuelo)
Viticultors Mas d´en Gil
D.O.Q. Priorat
Year: 2004

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 18th June 2013

This bodega was created in the 90's when the Priorat Renaissance was in full swing.  The bodega is family owned and managed and combines a passion for honesty in its wines with a single minded commitment to the terroir.  Founded by Pere Rovira, it is currently managed with great resolve by his daughters, represented by the well-known figure of Marta Rovira.  They have about 125 hectares of vineyards where we find olive trees growing alongside the vines because an excellent olive oil is another of their outstanding products.  With their driving principle of "bottling the terroir" in each of their wines, as they themselves put it, this is definitely a Catalan wine to be reckoned with.


Very intense cherry red. Visible tears. Alluring.


Overflowing. Very expressive. Concentration of fresh dark fruit, aromas of noble oak. Exquisite.


Pure pleasure. Finer than it looks. Well tamed tannin with no rough edges. Persistent aromas of fruit, sweet notes and cocoa. Endlessly long finish with remarkable complexity. A pleasure to drink. High scorer.


This is the family's great, iconic wine par excellence which only sees the light of day in those years when conditions are exceptional. They produced just 2,900 bottles of this 2004 and it possesses the soul of Garnacha and the freshness of Cariñena.  It was aged for one year in French oak barrels and it is surprisingly still perky. It is extremely expressive and pleasantly fresh. With a decade already behind it, it remains in perfect condition and we predict that it will easily mature for at least another five years in the same perfect condition.  It is worth seeing how these Priorat “laying down” wines develop over time as they have so often been accused of lacking acidity after a few years.  This is not the case and this wine serves us well to disprove these rather biased arguments unable to recognize a job well done. This wine can be enjoyed on special occasions with heartier dishes such as stews or game.