Graham’s Port Vintage 2011

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Fortified wine (40% Touriga Nacional, 31% Touriga Franca, 23% Very Old wines, 6% Sousao)
D.O.C. Porto
Year: 2011

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 20th May 2014

The Grahams started out as textile manufacturers in Glasgow and became involved in the wine business by accident, in 1820, when they accepted casks of port in payment of a debt.

Today the company is overseen by the Symington family, who has been involved in port wine trading for over 350 years and 13 generations.  Graham’s possesses large vineyards such as Quinta das Malvedos, from which most of the grapes are sourced, and others, such as Quinta das Lages, Quinta da Vila Velha and Quinta de Vale de Malhadas. The vintage ports are only produced in years of exceptional quality. They undergo short barrel ageing, followed by a long, reductive-type ageing in bottle.


Deep, opaque dark cherry hue.


Pronounced kirsch and cherries in liqueur aromas intermixed with notes of blue flowers and “Juanola” lozenges.  Very light roasted aromas.


Concentrated and juicy. Intense flavours of blackberries and liquorice.  It shows all the attributes required by a good vintage to age well: tannin, acidity and fantastic depth.


Graham's is a port house with set ideas and which is very exacting when it comes to declaring a year a Vintage Year. In the last 12 years, it has only considered 4 vintages worthy of the distinction, including this 2011.  For the production of this port, Graham's used a selection of the best grapes from its five best quintas, Malvedos being the most predominant among them.

Graham's Vintage Port 2011 is a tremendous port, still very young and showing a concentrated, powerful body.  It offers up opulent fruit and flower aromas, including blackberries, cherries and violets, along with notes of dark chocolate and spices.

It should be laid down in good conditions and forgotten about for a few years, to later appreciate the true potential of one of these great, internationally renowned, ports. 

Recommended with blackberry cheesecake.