G22 2011

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(Gorka Izagirre)
White wine (100% Hondarrabi Zarratia)
Gorka Izagirre
D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Year: 2011

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 12th November 2013

Gorka Izaguierre is a winery founded in 1994 in the Bizkaia D.O.  Today, it is the finest example of modern Txacolis from the area.

It owns 31 hectares of vines planted on trellises on clay soils with some marl.  Here they grow the Basque grape varieties of Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabia Zerratia, over 14 estates with slopes as steep as 30 degrees.  This enables them to play around with different maturities while obliging them to work the vineyards by hand. The company's main aim is to preserve, as much as possible, the typical character and essence of the wines from this region.


Lemon yellow with green tints.


Deep and mineral, with notes of citrus and white fruit, combined with notes derived from the ageing on its lees, in the form of lemon and grapefruit yoghurt.


Crisp and full of flavour, with creaminess and good acidity on the palate.  Complex finish with pleasant aromatic nuances.


This is the winery's top of the range wine and an example of the enormous potential that a Txacolí can attain when “trying to define the expression of this year“, according to the winery.  It has taken years of work and the best grapes from the most exceptional estates to create this vintage Txakoli.

This wine’s best feature is its perfect balance of creaminess and freshness. It is not a very complex wine, but it is well balanced with a pronounced saline touch and great ageing capacity due to its good acidity.  One of the best examples of new winemaking in the Basque Country and which reminds us of some of the excellent French Loire wines.

Recommended with a tartare of lobster and white fish with lime vinaigrette.

Glass by RIEDEL,  GRAPE collection, CHIANTI/RIESLING model.